Beale Street

Welkom bij Bealestreet Audio, waar innovatie en uitmuntendheid elkaar ontmoeten. Ontdek een wereld vol meeslepend geluid met onze eersteklas selectie plafond- en wandluidsprekers, 8 ohm of 70/100 volt, die stuk voor stuk zorgvuldig zijn gemaakt om een ongeëvenaarde geluidservaring te leveren.
Bij Bealestreet Audio worden we gedreven door een passie voor audio-innovatie. We begrijpen dat elke noot, elke beat en elk gefluister bijdraagt aan de magie van geluid. Daarom zijn we begonnen aan een reis om audiokwaliteit opnieuw te definiëren met onze baanbrekende Sonic Vortex Technology.

Sound reinvented

Complex simplicity that took years to develop. Our patented Sonic Vortex® technology produces amazing bass and effortless clarity in an integrated enclosure. It is literally a ‘twist’ on ported transmission line design, which optimizes air movement to provide astonishing sound in a compact speaker.
Sonic Vortex® re-imagines the traditional ported enclosed speaker design by separating the main port into multiple sections called “fins” that are tuned to ideal listening specifications.

 The fins compress and move air at a high rate of speed without port noise and also add to the enclosure’s rigidity. Compared to sealed models, Sonic Vortex® design provides a 6-9 dB boost in the mid-lower bass ranges and a flatter frequency response across the dui spectrum. Incredibly, this award winning and patented design fits in the traditional in-wall/in-ceiling enclosure, which keeps costs down while increasing options for product scalability.

Outdoor Speakers

Beale Street Audio is a reputable brand known for its high-quality outdoor audio speakers designed for commercial use. These speakers are engineered to provide excellent sound quality and durability in various outdoor settings. Whether you're setting up an outdoor restaurant, a theme park, a shopping plaza, or any other commercial space, Beale Street outdoor audio speakers can enhance the audio experience for your customers and guests.


Beale street is a well-known brand in the audio industry, specializing in high-quality audio amplifiers. Their products are targeted towards the commercial market and are exclusively sold to professional resellers. Bealestreet has gained a reputation for producing top-notch amplifiers that deliver exceptional sound quality and performance.

Our focus on selling exclusively to professional resellers indicates that we prioritize maintaining a business-to-business (B2B) model. This strategy ensures that their products are distributed through established channels, allowing them to reach a wider range of customers in various commercial settings.
To learn more about the specific products offered by Bealestreet, their technical specifications, and prices go to the shop and contact us for a dealer code

Indoor speakers

Crafting Commercial Sonic Experiences
At Bealestreet Audio, we understand the power of sound to transform environments. Our indoor commercial speakers are tailored to meet the demands of dynamic spaces, whether it's a bustling retail store, an elegant restaurant, a corporate office, or any indoor setting that craves exceptional audio.

Unveiling the Audio Potential
Our speakers come to life with options that cater to your specific needs. Choose between 8 ohm or 70/100 volt systems, providing the flexibility to adapt to diverse installations and configurations. Our meticulously crafted 4 to 8 inch speakers ensure a harmonious blend of compact design and impressive sound projection.

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